About me

In short:
I have worked as a databaseadministrator, backend and database developer at  some companies in or near Aarhus in Denmark with various variations of software and database developer.

My interests are primarily in databases, the brain and data analysis. I am working on an artificial brain ( the pattern recognition part).

In my spare time I am taking a Master of IT (software construction) specializing in databases and machine learning/artificial intelligence. The study focus on using research in the real world and falls into the realm of Software Engineering.

Programming philosophy

  • I strive to think outside the box when thinking of solutions when an obvious one is not there. I am not abandoning best practice but revise continuously whether the reasons for the best practice has changed.
  • If the basis for a decision changes the decision needs to be revisited.
  • Do not redo what others have done for you except for in training and learning to understand it.
  • Do not use something that you do not understand, but take the time to read about it and test it.
  • Use the best tool for the job:
    • Evaluate the database and programming language for each project.
    • Prefer a managed programming language as Java or .Net if two programming languages have equal weight and support for the task at hand.
    • Some databases are good for some tasks and others for other tasks. Spend time examining the support for the most critical task.
    • Prefer to use the same programming language for the whole project instead of shifting too often as co-operation is easier that way.

This blog functions both as my online memory and for giving solutions back to the community as I prefer not to rewrite my explanations.